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A little over a year ago, I purchased my Arizer Extreme Q marijuana vaporizer.

I purchased the Extreme Q because I felt that it would provide a consistent temperature as well as a more efficient marijuana vaporizing experience.

Plenty of Options

When I received my Arizer Extreme Q, it came with a number of accessories and options. The Extreme Q is able to make use of both whip and bag vaporization technology. In addition, its small fan used to inflate bags is extremely quite, allowing you to discreetly use and fill bags of marijuana vapor.

The Extreme Q is very well built, and makes use of a number of glass-on-glass (GoG) connections. These connections produce an excellent pure vapor flavor, yet tend to get stuck at times if you’re not careful. The heating element is quite consistent, and it was very accurate in my experience. To avoid any issues, ensure you take care of your Extreme Q regularly.

I also really enjoyed the remote, which came in especially handy when I use the bag attachment. Being able to control both temperature and fan speed among other things makes for a very pleasant experience. The stir stick is also an added bonus, which can help to turn your bud while it is in the Cyclone Bowl.

Incredibly Efficient

The Extreme Q is also highly efficient, and uses very little bud. I find that placing 0.5 grams of good bud in the cyclone bowl will produce quite a few whip hits at 210C, and it is much more efficient than when I used to pack 1.5 gram joints. I also find that the Extreme Q is much easier on my lungs than smoking joints or bongs, and I have been coughing much less since I made the switch to a marijuana vaporizer.

Arizer Extreme Q - VaporBlog

Despite being a desktop vaporizer, the Extreme Q tends to produce more of a smell than more portable vaporizers. This smell is especially strong if you have especially potent bud or medical marijuana and is certainly not suitable for stealth vaping.However, opening a window can clear the room of any smell, and no smoke is ever produced during the vaporization process.


Overall, I really enjoy the Extreme Q experience. Arizer is a great Canadian company with a superb warranty, and they are always quick to ship out replacement parts. I plan to continue using my Extreme Q and whip for quite some time!

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