Included with the Volcano Digit Vaporizer:

1x Aromatherapy Blend Filling Chamber
1x Balloon Set (Solid or Easy Valve)
1x Normal Screen Set
1x Air Filter Set
1x Liquid Pad
1x Cleaning Brush
1x Aromatherapy Grinder
1x Instruction Manual



The Volcano Digital Vaporizer is very similar to the Volcano Classic Vaporizer. Hand-crafted in Germany, the Volcano Digit has garnered a reputation for being a stand out vaporizer and one of the most technologically advanced dry herb and oil vaporizer in today’s saturated vaporizer market.

The Volcano Digit has a similar sleek cone structure to the Classic vaporizer. It also has the Volcano’s patented system of expelling harmful by-products and toxins (for instance, tar and other carcinogens). The vaporization process also intensifies the effects of active ingredients in the released vapor by approximately 75%.

Aside from making use of advanced technology, the Volcano Digit also utilizes a new unique vapor dispersion design. After the vaporizing the dry herb, the vapor with active ingredients is pumped into a balloon, passing through a valve until the storage balloon is filled. Once inflated, users can detach the balloon from the vaporizer, allowing them to enjoy the ingredient rich vapor independently from the vaporization process for up to 8 hours. The balloon is designed to store the vapor for a period of up to 8 hours.

Another unique feature of the Digit Vaporizer is its digital temperature control system. It has a fully customizable temperature control system that uses an LED display. Through this system, users can set the precise operating temperature from as low as 104 to as high as 446 degrees Fahrenheit.

Considering that the Digit Vaporizer utilizes an advanced electronic air temperature control system as well as a patented in-built filtration system, it is easy to appreciate why connoisseurs consider it to be the best vaporizer in the market. Storz and Bickel, the maker of this products have developed a true winner.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Specifications And Stats

Vaporizes concentrates and herbs
0.75 grams storage capacity
Operating temperature levels 104° F – 446° F
Initial heating of about 3 minutes
A driving heating system
Stainless steel as a heating coating material
Stainless steel as the external coating material
Does not have a battery, no battery capacity and battery charge time to report
It has no compatible smartphones

Other specifications:

It has a digital temperature display, a ventilation, and an air heating control system.
18cm x 19cm X 1.98cm in dimensions
1.8 kilos in weight
3-year warranty

Storz and Bickel took the user’s need and preferences into consideration when developing the Easy Valve. As such, the Easy Valve has unique design requirements that make it easy to use and maintain the system.

For instance, with the Easy Valve, you no longer need to attach a new balloon every time you want to collect vapor. It comes with a ready-to-use valve with a mouthpiece attached. Moreover, the Easy Valve is replaceable. As such, once you are done using the valve, you can easily replace it with a new one.

When you purchase this vaporizer, it comes with a set of 5 Easy Valve balloons, a solid valve, and the applicable filling chambers. The filling chamber is easy to clean and, therefore, reusable. A solid valve is included as it is standard for all Volcano products.

It is a popular valve as it allows users to customize their balloon. In fact, so popular is this valve that thousands have been sold across the world. When the solid valve is used the 3-meter balloon material included, users can choose the size of balloon they want to use. In the end, this set up is designed makes for a cost-effective user experience in the long run.

Bag Replacement Frequency

When it comes to replacing the balloon, the process is easy and very simple. You need to replace the balloon along with cleaning the valve after a filling cycle of between 50 and 100. The 3 meters of balloon material included in the purchase is enough for about 5 to 6 balloons. However, there are plenty of alternative bags, including a Reynolds oven bag which is very popular in the U.S. As such, any heatproof oven bag will suffice.

It is critical that you do not use a plastic bag or cling film.

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