Included with the PAX 2 Vape:

1 x Pax 2 Vaporizer
2 x  Interchangeable Mouthpieces (1 Flat & 1 Raised)
1 x  Magnetic Oven Lid
1 x  Magnetic USB Charger
1 x Wire Brush
10 x Pipe Cleaners
2-Year Warranty Protection


One of the best types of vaporizers available in today’s market is the Pax 2. The Pax 2 is a top of the range vaporizer being sold at a highly affordable cost. This vaporizer is considered one of the industry’s best go-to budget friendly and dry herb vaporizer.

The Pax 2 provides a sleek and subtle design combined with a two-hour battery life within its deep stainless steel chamber; thereby, ensuring that the Pax 2 vaporizer is a high quality item.

The vaporizer manufacturer has improved the design of the Pax 2 device in various ways, such as the improved battery life, enhanced smart cooling and heating systems, as well as integrated LED indicators. This particular vaporizer is perfect for people on the go as it fits perfectly into anyone’s pocket. The Pax 2 is also discrete enough to make it easy to carry along during travel, and it has a suitable battery life lasting as long as two hours.

All You Need To Know About Pax 2 Vaporizer

The Pax 2 vape machine provides the user with four separate pre-set temperature features ranging from 180 degrees Celsius to 215 degrees Celsius. The vaporizer will turn green when it reaches the allocated temperature with the entire procedure taking less than a minute from beginning to end. The temperature range of the vaporizer is created to sufficiently vape a dry herb; thereby, ensuring the draw is hard-hitting yet smooth. The advanced heating technological system provides an economical vaping experience meaning you receive more “bang for the buck”.

One expert tip is that you should use the half-pack lid accessory to lessen the amount of dry herd required for the Pax 2 vaporizer to function at optimal efficiency.

This vaporizer is one of the smallest and most portable options with an understated appearance. With a weight of only 90 kilograms, the Pax 2 model is lightweight and very portable. Filling the device is speedy and simple utilizing a magnetic-snapping lid. The vaporizer’s chamber operates ideally with all forms of dry herb ingredients. The chamber offers a stainless steel option for smooth heating, and the exterior of the item is made from brushed metal that is not only aesthetically pleasing but has a pleasant texture when used.

The power button of the Pax 2 vaporizer is embedded into the unit so it does not stand up; thereby, allowing the design of the item to be more noticeable. Moreover, the mouthpiece allows for a clear breath, lowering the level of draw resistance. All of these features in an attractive vaporizer that is ten percent lighter and 25 percent smaller than the previous version of the Pax vaporizer.

The Pax 2 Special Features:

The lip-sensing advanced technology within the vaporizer’s mouthpiece allows the item to recognize your touch and helps with the flow of air through the unit.

Auto-cooling technology with motion-sensing.

LED lighting will indicate when the vaporizer is heating and when it is ready for use.

Rechargeable and efficient battery use.

The option to use a half-pack oven lid reduces the amount of dry herb to be used for each session.

The question you might be asking is why you should be using the Pax 2 if the Pax 3 is already available for purchase on the market? Who would want the previous model if you have the new version available to buy? The response to this question is that the Pax 2 is far more affordable than the Pax 3.

Since the release of the latest vaporizer, the Pax 2 has presented a large price reduction making it far more accessible to average buyers. It is now possible to purchase the Pax 2 for less than $130; thereby, making it one of the most affordable vaporizers on the vape market. If you are searching for a device that will last for a long time and treats your dry herbs well without breaking your budget, then the Pax 2 may be the option you are searching for.

In addition to the outstanding price, all of the typical bonuses to owning a Pax 2 are available. It is still a fantastic portable vaporizer with a convenient form of conduction heating within the unit. The quality of the device is high and it is comfortable to hold while being small enough to place in your pocket.

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