In the past several years blogging about cannabis vaporizers, I’ve written a large number of desktop and portable vaporizer reviews, always making sure to take plenty of juicy photos of every unit! Since the aim of my reviews is to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each vape individually, I never really include any pictures of vaporizers side by side, so I decided to create this gallery page with some comparisons photos of the most popular portables on the market in 2014 (size really does matter when it comes to portables!).

I’ve grouped my vapes into different categories so that you can see the differences between the units. I’ve also included several vape pens which can vape concentrates and DIY cannabis e-liquid as well.  Because some of the reviews were done over two years ago, I unfortunately no longer have access to certain vapes (such as my Vaporgenie Classic and MFLB), but I’ve tried my best to include as many as possible!

I remember before I started Vaporblog, there was a minimal amount of vaporizer photos out there (especially of brand new models), so I hope that these photos can help future vape owners in best deciding which model works for them. Also don’t forget to check out the portable vaporizer reviews category here in order to get more information about a particular vaporizer in detail. I plan to update this page with more comparison shots when I acquire new vaporizers, so bookmark this page or follow Vaporblog on Twitter to keep up to date!