The Flashvape (see my review here) is a low cost and durable portable vaporizer designed to heat up your herb quickly while producing a solid amount of vapor. Like most other marijuana vaporizers however, the FlashVape requires occasional maintenance in order to keep it running in the best of shape. However, unlike most portable vaporizers at this price point, the FlashVape doesn’t require too much maintenance. In my experience, the following tricks can ensure that your FlashVape continues to perform at an optimal level.

The FlashVape herbal trench
The FlashVape herbal trench

The first thing that you should be aware of is that its important to clean out the trench after every few uses. Remove the bowl from your unit and use the included brush to lightly remove any leftover herbs from it. On occasion you may need to shoot a shot or two of compressed air inside the bowl in order to get rid of any lingering herbs. If your herb chamber has quite a bit of resin in it then I recommend using a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to give it a good wipe down. You can also clean the external parts of the unit using a cloth moistened with some rubbing alcohol.

Making sure to take proper care of your FlashVape through regular cleaning ensures that it will continue to operate without clogging. If you have any additional FlashVape maintenance or cleaning tips, feel free to send contact me via e-mail!

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