I’ve been a fan of cannabis for quite some time now, and I started smoking when I was 18 (I’m 28 now!). I soon discovered that cannabis really helped me cope with anxiety brought on by a highly stressful period in my young adulthood, and I continue to enjoy it to this day.

In the summer of 2009, I learned about cannabis vaporizers from a friend, and thought that the concept of getting high without smoking or eating edibles (I find it hard to dose edibles and don’t enjoy the body high that much) was intriguing. Not long after our conversation, I purchased my first vaporizer (a Vaporgenie Classic) and fell in love with the concept. Not long after, my lingering cough went away and I began to save money on cannabis because of how efficient vaporizers are compared to smoking. Since then, I’ve gone on to own a wide range of vapes (check out my vaporizer reviews section!), and am quite familiar with pros and cons of each style of vaporizer.

I decided to create the Vapor Blog in May 2012 in order to help inform potential buyers about which vaporizers work well, and I’ve also frequently posted a large number of guides on how to clean different kinds of vaporizers as well as maximize their efficiency. With the vaporizer scene exploding in popularity over the past year, the market now has a wide array of products available (with new designs coming out every few months!), and each vaporizer has its own strengths and weaknesses depending upon your needs and usage patterns. In my interview with musician, cancer survivor, and MMJ activist Chris Daniels, he stated that:

No I haven’t [used a vaporizer], but my pal in South Carolina (another unfriendly State to medical MJ) does. He has a really devastating cancer and when I played him the song Medical Marijuana he was laughing so hard he started crying … so yes, I have heard good things about it.

These days, my goal is to continue to regularly post up to date vaporizer (and accessory!) reviews as well as regular news updates about the latest state of the industry. In addition, I also enjoy writing helpful guides on how to get the most out of your cannabis vaporizer, and medical marijuana patients may also find some of the vaporizer guides especially helpful.

Disclaimer: I make a small commission when some (not all) vaporizer models are purchased through links on Vaporblog, and I use these funds to acquire new vaporizers as well as to pay for the site running costs. I’ve also constructed a fairly professional lightbox using some of the funds in order to take the best possible photos for readers. I like to keep my reviews as unbiased as possible, and I want as many readers as possible to be satisfied with the vape they end up choosing! I also make sure to clearly state if a post is sponsored or not, and I do not allow any review to be sponsored for obvious reasons!

-James aka “Mr. Vape”